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RELIGION (ad-deen, deena) - Tawhid Rububiyyah not ISLAM (al-Islam - the faith Uluhiyyah)

Quran - reading - constituent 2: paragraph 256;
Not compulsion (jihad - struggle, but lillaahi) in religion (ad-deen - faith zat) of Allah - the unseen heart a heart trip), as indeed was the real truth testified; witness) of error without lillaahi). Therefore, do not trust anyone not believe) "bill-toghout" but) trust faith) in Allah, surely, is already grasped the lillahi) the more strongly that never breaks: loose, & ( remember that) Allah is heard , so everything anymore.
Religion (addeen: deena - faith (zat) of Allah) is not Islam (al-Yahud :Islam - the faith of absolute rights (zat) of Allah) ...
... Religion (addeen) <apostate - murtad> Mulhid (atheist) ... "waman yartadda: yartadid mingkum undeeneh" (Divine Nature).
... Islam (Islam) <Shirk> (al-Yahud :Jewish) : Haadu - way, nature, words, deeds) ... "innahu yusyrik: billaahi tusyrik" absolute rights (zat) of Allah).
RELIGION (ad-deen, deena) - Tawhid Rububiyyah: faith (zat) of Allah Almighty shall exist only ONE - Ahadun, Wahidun ...
... Not multiplicity (Pluralism) Rububiyyah faith (... of Allah)
... Not equality (Lilbalisme) Rububiyyah faith (zat of Allah)
... Not mulhid - Atheist (Communism): al-idolaters (pagan): al-Zoroastrian (fire / sun)

20 the name of the mandatory nature of the obligation (zat) (asmaul husna) - 99.

RELIGION (addeen) vs ISLAM (Islam) are the two things his differences occur.
... RELIGIOUS (addeen) - I'ttiqad faith against (zat) of Allah
... Islam (Islam) - I'ttiqad faith to Absolute Rights (zat) Allah.

THEN Islam (al-Islam) NOT Religion (ad(al-deen) ...
... Many people are still mixed views led between religion (ad(al-deen - Uluhiyyah faith: faith (zat) of Allah) BETWEEN Islam (al-Islam - Rububiyyah faith: faith inalienable rights (zat) of Allah)?

* - ALIF - (of Allah 20 compulsory nature (zat) (of Allah & asmaul husna - 99)
- 20 the mandatory nature of the substance) (of Allah,
- 99 properties names are required for the substance) (of Allah

* - LAM + DAA - (of Allah created the whole universe governance rights of absolute power (zat) (of Allah only occurrence - Kun!) Words, and obey Allah: obedience (faith Rububiyyah)

* - YAA +
NUN - all to be made an-Nas, an-Nisa ', (al-Ehsan - the gift of life this) - the Worlds + 2 x confident (heart & mind).

Kalam "alif + lam" is the word that is repeated at the beginning of a word or sentence with the same meaning repeated.

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