Khamis, 3 Mac 2016

PAS real enemy to the human religious (faith (al-deen - Rububiyyah (faith) and nation Malay, Chinese, India, BumiPutra has not Muslims)

PAS is the real enemy to the people who believe in (faith (ad(al-deen - Rububiyyah (faith: (faith (zat) of Allah must exist only ONE - Ahadun, Wahidun, with PAS act outwardly multiplicity Pluralism) (faith Rububiyyah Equality liberalism) (faith Rububittah and enemy to the people of Malay, chinese, BumiPutera and indigenous Islam yet)

PAS is an enemy to the nation itself (Malay) by denying melayu is Allah's creation of the human race that is applied to the basic struggle (jihad supposedly) "refused struggle Kebangsaan: Malaysian nation)" ... lay the foundations "Islam struggle, (al-Islam) "... BUT Islam (al-Islam) - the word (mutasyaabihat: cryptic - the fact) reading the Qur'an" (al-Islam "did not know ... only understood with interpretation only ...

... PAS to indirectly deny the verses of Allah the Quran) which means "I solemnly created the human race nation tribe tribe ... met it (connect relationship - third of Allah's commandments to the Apostles Prophets). ..
BUT in the meantime PAS says ... "If you can choose ... want to be Arabs" ... because Arabic is the Prophet ....

THEN...PAS is the associate ... "distort the true meaning of the verses of Allah the (Quran).

Al-Qur'an, Surah Al(al-Araf 7. 33.
That is:
And (forbidden in Islam) you should words to (zat) & inalienable rights (zat) of Allah that which you do not know it.

Quran, Surah an-Nisa 4. 171.
He's speaking of.
O people of the Scripture (Torah, and not unless injiel Quran - (al-Jewish) : an-Nasyoro al-Islam, not one of you exaggerate in your religion ... (al-deen - Rububiyyah faith. faith (zat) of Allah ISLAM. (al-Islam - faith Uluhiyyah. i'ttiqad (certain heart) faith absolute rights (zat) ... of Allah) , and you shall not say anything against (zat) of Allah absolute rights (zat) of Allah but what truth.

WHO ACTUALLY SPEAKING ON (zat) of Allah absolute rights (zat)) of Allah) WITH INCORRECT? ...
... of Allah (zat)) is the same as the Tuhan : Got : Gott : Ekohim : Yahweh : kurios : Teos : Gusti) of another religion ...?
... of Allah (zat)) lendik cross-legged in (Throne : al-Arasy) ?
... of Allah (zat) were cursing insults?..

Similarly ...
Who actually declined 20 properties : sifat (properties required for the (zat) of Allah) by reason of the creation of the Greeks. His first sentence was for 20 properties : sifat (WUJID - Arab) EXIST - ADA (required) ...

... By refusing to deny the existence of significant properties : sifat 20 (zat) of Allah) Almighty shall exist only ONE - Ahadun, Wahidun - Religion "(al-deen" - Rububiyyah faith ... and faith Rububiyyah (al-deen - RELIGION < REQUIRE> ISLAM - (al-Islam) Uluhiyyah faith. faith & inalienable rights (zat) of Allah) ...

... THEN...PAS is not yet compulsory religious (al-deen - faith (zat) yet also al-Islam) (al-Islam) - faith i'ttiqad absolute rights (zat) of Allah) ...

... THEN...PAS NOT RELIGIOUS (al-deen NOT ISLAM (al-Islam), only AQIDAH (al-Iman - Supernatural Sense of Sharia. Islamic law (Ilmu) FURUQ kecabangan of (Ilmu) only ,

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